Welcome to the official Intercollegiate Minecraft League, where students and alumni compete in events and collaborations between colleges around the world!Join our community via Discord and sign up today for early access to our survival server! We will be stress-testing our servers in multiple phases and you’ll be notified when you’re whitelisted. Upcoming features include skyblock, quest progression, seasonal events, tournaments, and more, with a soft release in May. Stay tuned for more information!

About Us

The Intercollegiate Minecraft League is an exciting opportunity for students and alumni to connect and compete with one another. The league was founded during the coronavirus pandemic in July of 2020 to bring students together in celebration of the Fourth of July. Since then, the league has grown and expanded with the help of a dedicated staff team. The league's custom server allows students from around the world to join in and experience a variety of game modes, including survival, creative, minigames, skyblock, and more!

Our server is highly customized with a range of features that enhance the gameplay experience. These features include customizable weapons, quests, and biomes, among other things. The league has been able to develop these features thanks to the contributions of many students from around the globe who have worked together to create a fun and engaging gaming experience. The league is a great way to meet new people, develop new skills, and have fun with fellow gamers.If you're interested in joining the league, the first step is to join our Discord community! From there, you'll be able to get early access to the league's survival server and participate in stress-testing as the league prepares to roll out new features like skyblock, quest progression, and seasonal events. If you're interested in helping and joining our diverse staff team, the discord is also the place to join to get notified when we're hiring (please note this is volunteer, do not expect to get paid for your work).The league's soft release is scheduled for May, so stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved and start competing with students from colleges around the world!

Staff Team

The Intercollegiate Minecraft League is reopening this year! We're working to expand into an everlasting organization that will continue to connect college students like you together through Minecraft! We started as a student-run project during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic and realize how meaningful and fun these Minecraft events have been for everyone, so we want to expand our horizons.Our team of 15+ staff members have been hard at work designing many awesome projects for IML, including things like:

• Survival Multiplayer: A towny SMP complete with trading, quests, seasonal items, cosmetics, gadgets, and even more awesome rewards!
• Seasonal Events: Raid bosses, loot crates, building competitions, summer celebrations, and more!
• Competitive Events: You asked for it! Dragon Rush is returning, along with UHC, Missile Wars, Bed Wars, and many more to come with your help!
• Events, College Exhibitions, Competitive Minecraft League, Seasonal Celebrations... and much more!

All of this is still in development and we want your help playtesting and developing our server!

Staff applications are open as much as possible, and available in our Discord.


The Intercollegiate Minecraft League is committed to offering an ongoing schedule of engaging events that cater to a diverse range of interests. Our server is divided into different seasons, each featuring its own exclusive events, items, and minigames designed to provide an immersive and thrilling gameplay experience. In addition to in-game events, we regularly host community events on our Discord channel, providing an opportunity for members to interact in a relaxed setting and engage in activities such as music listening and playing other games.Furthermore, we pride ourselves on organizing large-scale events that require months of planning and coordination involving multiple members of our expert staff team, as well as guest participants from our global community. Our events are renowned for their creativity, complexity, and inclusivity, and attract players from all over the world.To learn more about our exciting array of past and upcoming events, we encourage you to join our vibrant Discord community and check out the information below!


Bedwars League


We are excited to announce a long-awaited event here at the Intercollegiate Minecraft League... the beginning of our Bed Wars League! If you enjoyed our last Bed Wars tournament or want to join in on the fun, now is the time to get your team together and join us for our first season!Our Bed Wars League will run over several months, with our first season beginning in May. Matches will run on Hypixel (and soon on the IML Minecraft server as well) following a King of the Court league layout.We will share more information on each Bed Wars League in the coming weeks, including prizes and streams!



We constantly host weekly private minigames on Hypixel and on the IML Minecraft server! Join us to play games such as bed wars, build battles, party games, and more. Over the next few months, we will be adding our own minigames to the IML server as well, and we want you all to help us test them out!Join our discord server to be notified when these events happen, though we're trying for each week we are volunteer students and may be delayed during busy times!

Past Events

Bedwars Tournament

Feb 11th 2023 - Feb 19th 2023

It's the event you've all been waiting for... IML Bed Wars Tournament 2023! Line up quick because registration ends February 5th! Grab your best team of three and battle it out to be the bed war champions of the Intercollegiate Minecraft League!• Each team must register 3 players with up to 1 substitute player and be in the IML Discord
• Each team must represent a college with at least 1 player currently enrolled in and attending that college
• Up to 5 teams may represent a single college
Please read the IML Bed Wars 2023 Tournament Rule before registering!

Summer celebration

JUly 1st 2021 - July 4th 2021

We're super excited to be announcing this year's Intercollegiate Minecraft League Summer Celebration!Our Discord server's a community of 40+ Minecraft colleges and we are stoked to be continuing our yearly tradition of hosting a summer event. This year, we're hoping to expand even more!Starting last year with only a firework show, the IML team has decided to expand the event across a whole weekend. Featuring events such as an open-world factions survival map, a custom mission Humans Vs Zombies game, minigame tournament style to win points for your college, and the second year firework extravaganza!Here's the eventbrite to checkout the past details:

July 4th Celebration

July 4th 2020

Our first event ever hosted: a fourth of july celebration in July of 2020! We were just learning the ins and outs of how to host this event, but it consisted of minigames with a custom firework show at the end. Over 200 students from around the United States joined this event!

Contact Us

The best means to contact our team is via our Discord and using our ModMail system. If you are a company reaching out about sponsoring one of our events or have general questions, please reach out using the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.